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  • We are Jansen

    Hotel Jansen is a home away from home. No concessions on comfort or space. A place where you make friends, make fun, make memories. A place you can call home. For a day, for a week, for 6 months.

  • We made it happen

    In the middle of everywhere, we built a place where like minded people study, work and play. We turned an empty lot into a paradise with an incredible team in less then 2 months. Watch here how we made this happen. 

  • We love what we do

    All rooms and floors are unique, with hand crafted furniture and art that are designed by a collective of Dutch artists and carpenters. Meet the crew that made it all happen.

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  • Welcome to Mama’s

    Mama’s is the heart and soul of Hotel Jansen. The food there is so good, and the staff so friendly, that it will make you miss your own mama.

  • Dish of the Day

    Mama loves to cook. Follow Mama on Facebook for the Dish of the Day. The more friends you bring to the table the cheaper it gets.

  • What’s on

    Everything we do at Mama’s is in the spirit of friendship and meeting new people. We like you all to get to know each other and us, so we organize all kinds of fun events and great parties.

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  •  Latest News

    Read everything you want to know about Hotel Jansen’s Family Life: people, places, parties and partners. Read this blog and follow us on Facebook. We’ll always hook you up to the latest news and let you know what’s on.

  • City Guide

    We are as eclectic as Amsterdam. Hotel Jansen’s City Guide is about living the Hotel Jansen life in Amsterdam; practical information, hot spots and venues. Follow us on Pinterest and become a local in no time.

  • Our Wall

    We lóve social media! Get a quick overview of what people say about us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and see for yourself how Hotel Jansen is a place where people make friends, make fun and make memories.


by Kathrin on Hotel Jansen
Nice people

What i liked most about Hotel Jansen (next to the fact that you have your onw fridge in your room, i found that pretty awesome) is the friendly... read more

by Judy on Hotel Jansen
Amazing staff, unforgettable experience

Both the staff and the Booking Office were amazing in assisting me from the very beginning of the room booking process until my move-out. I ... read more

by Mohsin on Hotel Jansen
Best temp. accommodation in Amsterdam

Comfortable and convenient place to stay if you'll be living in Amsterdam on a temporary basis. The staff are very friendly and helpful. Best... read more

by Sandra Sheppard on Hotel Jansen
Different Is Beautiful!

I'm 64, and I was recently part of a summer study program through which I came to stay in a student room at Hotel Jansen. At my age, I expect... read more