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Would you like to know what we do for the environment?

Our journey towards sustainability began with the construction of this hotel we did everything we could to minimize the impact on the environment. Fiction Factory, a sustainable construction studio in Amsterdam Noord, dedicated over two years to crafting our interior with creativity and eco-consciousness. They transformed reclaimed high-end fabrics from a temporary Rijksmuseum exhibition into the plush seating in your room. 

Our Green Initiatives

WKO Wonderland
Forget traditional heating – we harness the power of the earth beneath us to keep things cozy without a drop of gas!

Solar Symphony
A photovoltaic (PV) installation, also known as solar panels, has been implemented at Hotel Jansen Bajeskwartier. There are 524 panels on the roof, 210 panels on the facades, and 61 solar awning panels installed. It is expected that this installation will yield 279,000 kWh per year. This represents approximately 65% of the total energy required for the building’s utility systems.

LED Magic
Every room is adorned with energy-efficient LED lighting and a touch of magic – lights that only shine when someone is around!

Rainwater Romance
We collect rainwater like treasure during heavy downpours, then gently release it back into the world. No waste, just a splash of sustainable love.

What’s BREEAM and why we’re outstanding?

We’ve earned the Outstanding BREEAM certificate, a badge of honor for our commitment to sustainable building practices. It’s not just a certificate; it’s a journey through environmental, social, and economic excellence in construction and operation.

Our score? Outstanding! The proof is in our energy-efficient pudding, with specifics like 136,486 kWh/year of total energy consumption.

Interested in the exact numbers? You’re such a geek! But here you go: LINK!

Building Phase Facts

During the construction of Hotel Jansen we did everything we could to minimize the impact on the environment. This is how we did it.

Waste Warriors
The construction site waste was separated into 8 different waste streams. Remarkably, 94% of the waste, calculated by weight percentage, was reused through responsible collection and recycling by a certified recycling company.

Before construction activities commenced, a recognized ecologist prepared a detailed report about the existing plants and animals on the construction site. Supervision during construction was maintained to consider the presence of plant and animal species. For protected and rare birds, a total of 20 nesting boxes for swifts and 2 nesting boxes for songbirds have been incorporated into the facades of the hotel. Additionally, there is a nesting box for the peregrine falcon on the roof

Airtight Adventure
Heat loss measurements during the commissioning phase demonstrated that the building meets design specifications for airtightness, supporting the energy performance of the building.

Thermographic Measurements
Heat loss measurements during the commissioning phase indicated that thermal insulation has been correctly applied, without thermal irregularities.

Air Quality Assurance
Construction and finishing materials used contribute to a healthy indoor air quality due to low emission of harmful substances.

Responsible Origins Rock
At least 80% of the materials used in the main building components have a responsible origin.

Wood Certification
The wood used for the construction site is sustainably sourced and comes from a legal origin, certified by an approved certification system.

Energy Consumption Oversight
Energy usage on the construction site was monitored and reported to raise awareness during the execution of the construction project. Solar panels were installed on the site office to generate sustainable energy.

Conscious Builders Corner
The contractor achieved a score of 8 with Conscious Builders, indicating their attention to employees, safety, environment, and the surroundings.

Keep it flexible
To prevent the need for complete demolition of a building if its function as a hotel is no longer desired, the design has already taken into account the possibility of a change in function. For every two hotel rooms, concrete walls exist on both sides of each room. The partition wall between two hotel rooms is a lightweight separating wall. If desired, at a later stage, it is relatively easy to remove this wall and convert two hotel rooms into one apartment. This way, it avoids extensive demolition, with all the environmental consequences.

What Can You Do? Be a Green Guest! Join us in embracing sustainability
Here’s how you can be a part of our green initiative:

1. BE A LIGHT SAVER: Conserve energy

Help us reduce energy consumption by using lights and appliances mindfully. Unplug chargers when they’re not in use, and let natural light brighten your room whenever possible.

2. ECO CHIC: Reduce, reuse, recycle

Sort your waste and be a recycling champion. Consider reusing towels and linens during your stay to minimize laundry impact.

3. WATER HEROES: Use water wisely

Be a water-saving hero by using water thoughtfully during your stay.


Explore the beautiful city of Amsterdam using eco-friendly transportation options like biking or public transit during your adventures. Bikes and tips on places-to-be are available in the cafe.

5. Kitchen Collaborator: Embrace Communal Kitchen Magic! 

Participate in our shared cooking spaces, reduce resource consumption, encourage social interaction, and contribute to the fight against

Why it matters
By making these small changes during your stay, you’re already making a positive impact on our planet.

Share your ideas
We welcome your feedback and ideas on how we can continue to improve our sustainability efforts. 

Together, we can create a greener future. Thank you for being a part of it!

By Sophia Clark
Very Enjoyable

I’ve been enjoying my stay at Hotel Jansen a lot so far! The staff are super lovely and everyone living here is very friendly. The kitchens are clean and the location is very accessible.

By Camille Vanhee
Such A Cool Place

Hotel Jansen is an amazing experience. I found so many friends here, I recommend it to everyone!

By Jeanne Gironde
A New Home

Hotel Jansen is not only a welcoming and well located place in Amsterdam, it is also a community of friends. With students and workers from all over the world, this international atmosphere makes everyone feel at home. I really enjoy being here and I recommend to all newcomers this great experience.

By Bert Van Kerkhoven
Great Place

Staying here now for 2 months and will definitely extend as long as possible. Great place full of amazing people. The location is perfect for walks in nature and not too far from the city centre. They also serve great food in the restaurant downstairs, I haven’t cooked once. Highly recommended.

By Nina Rauch

I’m staying here now for three months and so far I had a really good time! I made some amazing friends and the rooms are also really nice. The restaurant downstairs has really good food and coffee and the staff is super friendly. I really enjoy my stay here and can just recommend this place!