New Construction Hotel Jansen Amsterdam Bajeskwartier

The former Bijlmerbajes in Amsterdam, a prison complex, is being redeveloped into the “Bajeskwartier,” an eco-friendly multifunctional vibrant neighborhood. The total development includes approximately 1350 residential units, an educational institution, art galleries, recreation areas, healthcare facilities, student housing, shops, and a short-stay hotel named Hotel Jansen ‘not for tourists.’ Hotel Jansen is located in the ‘Knowledge Cluster’ of the Bajes Quarter. In collaboration with the housing corporation De Alliantie, a multifunctional building with 280 student residences (De Alliantie) and a branch of Hotel Jansen ‘not for tourists’ (200 rooms) is being developed. Hotel Jansen ‘not for tourists’ also develops and operates a commercial plinth with mixed functions within the building.

The entire building has a vertical disc urban layout with notches and projections, creating a playful and lively facade. The building consists of Hotel Jansen and student residences for De Alliantie. The red line on the artist’s impression indicates the boundary between the two building parts. BREEAM applies only to the Hotel Jansen section. The total program of Hotel Jansen includes 200 student hotel rooms, 5 clubrooms (shared living kitchens), Mama’s restaurant/brasserie, a laundry café, approximately 200m2 of commercial space, bicycle storage for 200 bikes, and a parking garage for 13 cars.


(Building Research Establishment’s Environmental Assessment Method) is the leading and globally most used method for assessing the sustainability performance of buildings. Goals include realizing sustainable buildings with minimal environmental impact, providing a credible certification for sustainable buildings, and promoting the demand for sustainable buildings. BREEAM assessments are based on recognized performance criteria covering aspects from energy and water usage to ecology, pollution, transport, materials, waste, and management processes.

Breeam Outstanding

The aim is to achieve the BREEAM Outstanding certificate (5 stars) based on the BRL 2014 v1.0.1 guideline for both the design and completion phases. Key innovative and environmentally friendly design measures include low-temperature heating and high-temperature cooling (WKO), gas-free design, air treatment with heat recovery, presence detection in lighting, energy-efficient LED lighting, rainwater collection, greenery on some facades, PV panels on the facade and roof, and the use of FSC wood.

Key Figures

Bruto vloeroppervlak in m² (NEN 2580)
approximately 8,000 m2 (approximately 7,000 m2 excluding the basement)

  • Expected energy use: approximately 40 kWh/m² GFA according to EPC calculation
  • Expected fossil fuel consumption: approximately 0.0 kWh/m² GFA (energy-neutral)
  • Expected use of sustainable energy sources: approximately 40 kWh/m² GFA according to EPC calculation
  • Expected water consumption per person per day: approximately 0.2 m³/person/day
  • Expected percentage of water consumption sourced from rainwater or greywater: exact percentage unknown 
  • Sustainable Measures Implemented
  • Various sustainable measures have been implemented, including the use of energy-efficient technologies, rainwater harvesting, greenery on facades, and commitment to social and economic sustainability through partnerships with organisations such as House of Hospitality and the Amsterdam Social Return Bureau.

Ambitions and Planning

The ambition is to achieve the BREEAM Outstanding certificate for both the design and execution phases. Frequent meetings with the design team, client, and BREEAM expert are held to monitor progress.

Technical Solutions

Energy generation includes heating and cooling through a ground-source heat pump system. Air treatment in hotel rooms involves HR counterflow heat exchangers. Lighting utilizes energy-efficient lamps, predominantly LED lighting.

Process and Organization

Responsibilities for BREEAM are shared among the client, architect, main contractor, main installer, and BREEAM expert. The BREEAM expert acts as an advisor throughout the process and is responsible for verifying compliance with BREEAM guidelines.


The costs associated with meeting BREEAM requirements are high, involving multiple parties to produce documents demonstrating compliance. However, the investment is justified, as a well-thought-out and energy-efficient building is believed to be more cost-effective in the long run and provides a more pleasant environment for occupants.

De investering in deze kosten zijn te verantwoorden, omdat we van mening zijn dat een goed doordacht en energiezuinig gebouw op de langere termijn goedkoper is in beheer en onderhoud, en dat deze een prettigere plek oplevert voor de medewerkers en gasten. Dit laat zich niet in euro’s uitdrukken maar is wel één van de belangrijkste voordelen.

Tips for Future Projects

To ensure a smooth process, it is advisable to share the responsibility for BREEAM among all parties involved, from the client to subcontractors and end-users. Early initiation of the process and regular status updates with all stakeholders are crucial.

By Sophia Clark
Very Enjoyable

I’ve been enjoying my stay at Hotel Jansen a lot so far! The staff are super lovely and everyone living here is very friendly. The kitchens are clean and the location is very accessible.

By Camille Vanhee
Such A Cool Place

Hotel Jansen is an amazing experience. I found so many friends here, I recommend it to everyone!

By Jeanne Gironde
A New Home

Hotel Jansen is not only a welcoming and well located place in Amsterdam, it is also a community of friends. With students and workers from all over the world, this international atmosphere makes everyone feel at home. I really enjoy being here and I recommend to all newcomers this great experience.

By Bert Van Kerkhoven
Great Place

Staying here now for 2 months and will definitely extend as long as possible. Great place full of amazing people. The location is perfect for walks in nature and not too far from the city centre. They also serve great food in the restaurant downstairs, I haven’t cooked once. Highly recommended.

By Nina Rauch

I’m staying here now for three months and so far I had a really good time! I made some amazing friends and the rooms are also really nice. The restaurant downstairs has really good food and coffee and the staff is super friendly. I really enjoy my stay here and can just recommend this place!