Hotel Jansen Bajeskwartier

The way we build is sustainable and future proof. Hotel Jansen Bajes Kwartier provides a primary example of what sustainable living in Amsterdam will be. Hotel Jansen is built applying the BREEAM-NL Outstanding methodology, which ensures that the highest possible sustainability in building is achieved.

BREEAM stands for ‘Building Research Establishment’s Environmental Assessment Method’ and is the leading and most widely used assessment method worldwide to determine the sustainability performance of buildings. The sustainability performance of the building is considered in terms of management, health, energy, transport, water, materials, waste, land use and ecology, and pollution.

Certain standards and goals have already been set during the design, which must ensure that the Outstanding score is achieved. For example each room is monitored by motion sensors. This prevents unnecessary energy consumption and increases comfort. No hassle with cards! The corridors are dimmed when no people are present, which means less energy consumption and less light pollution.

We have super-efficient heat pumps, led lighting, water saving toilets and a heat recovery system that retrieves 93% of the heat.

An independent engineering and consultancy firm supervises and monitors the measures to be taken. More information can be found in the Case study MAN9a.

Want to follow the construction process? Take a look at: Bajeskwartier (


Construction on the hotel started in September 2021 and if everything goes according to plan, it is scheduled to open in May 2023. From that moment on, everyone is welcome in the new Hotel Jansen Bajeskwartier!

By Sophia Clark
Very Enjoyable

I’ve been enjoying my stay at Hotel Jansen a lot so far! The staff are super lovely and everyone living here is very friendly. The kitchens are clean and the location is very accessible.

By Camille Vanhee
Such A Cool Place

Hotel Jansen is an amazing experience. I found so many friends here, I recommend it to everyone!

By Jeanne Gironde
A New Home

Hotel Jansen is not only a welcoming and well located place in Amsterdam, it is also a community of friends. With students and workers from all over the world, this international atmosphere makes everyone feel at home. I really enjoy being here and I recommend to all newcomers this great experience.

By Bert Van Kerkhoven
Great Place

Staying here now for 2 months and will definitely extend as long as possible. Great place full of amazing people. The location is perfect for walks in nature and not too far from the city centre. They also serve great food in the restaurant downstairs, I haven’t cooked once. Highly recommended.

By Nina Rauch

I’m staying here now for three months and so far I had a really good time! I made some amazing friends and the rooms are also really nice. The restaurant downstairs has really good food and coffee and the staff is super friendly. I really enjoy my stay here and can just recommend this place!