The Makers

Here you can find out about the makers of hotel Jansen


Fiction Factory, a sustainable construction studio in Amsterdam Noord, spent over two years carefully working on the interior of Hotel Jansen Bajeskwartier. A team of designers, engineers, woodworkers, welders, and upholsterers combined their knowledge and creativity to create a fully custom interior that meets the circular ambitions of this project, while staying true to the Hotel Jansen feeling.

High-end fabrics were reclaimed from a temporary Rijksmuseum-exhibition and repurposed by star-upholsterer Jolien into a comfortable seating area in every room. Pottery artist Lisa handcrafted lampshades for each room. Engineer Aart developed a bed that leaves minimal waste during production. All-round Thijs is the brain behind the custom in-room light fixtures.

The interior of Hotel Jansen Bajeskwartier came to life with key principles of circularity in mind:

  • Choosing low impact materials with optimal technical lifetime,
  • Preventing production waste,
  • Designing for disassembly, repair, and re-use,
  • And local production.


Because almost everyone at Raumkultur origins from the festival world, they have the habit of working mainly with recycled and special materials. The recycled ”Middendorp” that they made for the Solar festival in 2014 was so popular that they were invited to participate in a special story: a new hotel in Amsterdam. It was a short-stay hotel for foreign students and expats that had to be both sustainable and Instagram-worthy.

Hotel Jansen Schinkel

Using mainly second-life materials, the collective built a fully-fledged hotel from the Amsterdam soil in a period of 3 months. They made 166 rooms, built from prefab units. These rooms are spread over 6 floors, each with its own Amsterdam theme, such as the Red Light District and De Pijp. In each room you will find unique murals and art objects related to the theme of the floor. Everything you see in Hotel Jansen and its Restaurant Café Jansen is handmade by the members of Raumkultur, from the beds to the art and from the desks to the kitchen tops. Due to the amount of special materials used in the hotel and the interior, Hotel Jansen is a place with a very low footprint.